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Maintenance of tongs

The right tongs are expensive and deserve your full attention. Here are some suggestions that will help you keep them for a long time:

1) Lubricate the hinges with a special lubricant. They should be lubricated before each autoclave sterilization.

2) Only use the tongs for the purpose for which they are intended.

3) If you’re using a chemical disinfectant, never mix two different metals at the same time. (for example: stainless and chrome nickel) Electrolysis may occur and corrosion will attack the surface of your beautiful tongs.

4) If you notice some surface corrosion on your tongs, here is a very effective trick: soak your tongs overnight in cola. In the morning, brush them, rinse them with water and let them dry. They will be like new. (thanks to the phosphatic acid contained in cola)

5) Respect the immersion times of the disinfectant products you use.

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