Podo-Logic Inc. is a family business incorporated since 2002 and based in Quebec.

The founder of the company is Jean-Pierre Dewerre, a Belgian trained podiatrist and former director of the Belgian Institute of Podiatry. This school was created by his parents in 1960. It was after the death of his parents that Jean-Pierre moved to Quebec and created Podo-Logic. The Dewerre family have been involved in the foot care industry for more than 50 years.

Podo-Logic’s mission is to offer professionals a wide range of products for foot care. A long road has been travelled since its openin and many pitfalls have been overcome, always the same goal: respect and serve the clientele. In order to maintain contact, Podo-Logic participates in several exhibitions each year.

The summaries below represent the most significant milestones in the history of Podo-Logic. Of course, every action has been repeated over the years.


  • Founding of the company
  • Importation of German DOVO instruments from Solingen
  • Importation of the NSKWT Spray milling line (Taucha-Germany)
  • Importation of the HEICO-Switzerland burs line


  • Distribution of the brand Alpskin, owned by Eric Dewerre.
  • Creation of the Top line, including the Top Chrono.
  • Importation of Kiato gouges and scalpel lines.


  • Creation of the Podo-Logic training centre, with the goal of making new techniques and technologies known
  • Consolidation of the brand image by numerous attendances at various professional exhibitions.
  • CSA certification for all milling models.
  • First version of the website podologic.ca


  • Renewed exclusivity agreement with Dovo, Heico and NSKWT
  • Beginning of the distribution of Gehwol products
  • Second version of the website podologic.ca


  • Supplier of the university for spray milling machines and in charge of technical service.
  • Addition of new Jota burs, also made in Switzerland
  • Third version of the website podologic.ca, compatible with tablets and smartphones


  • Obtained the establishment licence by Health Canada
  • Obtained SOFEDUC accreditation, which allows us to provide training validated by UEC.
  • Moved into our new location at 6025, Wilfrid-Hamel Blvd. in Quebec City.
  • Implemented a technical service at our location that is faster and more efficient.
  • Increased our supply of medical products.


  • Expansion of our location at Wilfrid-Hamel Blvd. in Quebec City.
  • Opening of Podo-Logic in Montreal at 4900, Rue Ste-Catherine East.
  • Addition of new products, including the Balzame line (PX-33) from Belgium
  • Agreement with the Marie Victorin CÉGEP for specialized training.


  • Relocation of the Quebec City store to a new location at 6023A, Wilfrid-Hamel Blvd.
  • Large showroom, ultra-modern training room.
  • Renewal of SOFEDUC certification.
  • Constant training on a variety of subjects and consistently highly appreciated by the students.


  • Relocation from the Montreal store to larger and better location at 7189, Beaubien is in Anjou. As in Quebec City, a large showroom and theoretical and practical training rooms are added.
  • Added new products in the catalog such as the Busch burs.
  • Renewal of our distribution agreement with NWT for milling sprays and suction machines.
  • Added new line of Qualinox Premium instruments
  • Introduction of the Allpresan product line
  • Renewal of our product distribution agreements with Gehwol, Alpskin and Balzame.