The mission of the Podo-Logic Training Center (CFP) is to provide those concerned with training in podiatry, without ever encroaching on the field of podiatry.

Learners will find at the CFP all the new techniques, new products and equipment, as well as the recognized competence of several teachers, carefully recruited according to their professional experience, their ability to communicate their knowledge and their dedication to their students.

In order to guarantee the precision and rigor of the training, we are recognized by the Sofeduc and we are authorized to issue CEUs. and UFCs. All training is placed under the responsibility of Jean-Pierre Dewerre, certified trainer and respondent to the Sofeduc . In addition, several training courses are provided or supervised by a nurse specialized in said training courses.


The training offered by the Podo-Logic Training Center is specialized training for foot care professionals with a minimum of 160 hours of training. During the training, the trainer validates the perception and good understanding of the information.

After a knowledge test, a certificate is given to each participant.
This mentions the name of the participant, the title of the training, the name of the trainer, the number of CEUs and the date of the activity. One CEU corresponds to 10 hours of continuing education.

Participating in PODO-LOGIC SOFEDUC-approved training allows you to enrich your curriculum vitae and complete the number of hours necessary for continuing education required by certain professional orders.

Moreover, at Podo-Logic you will find…

  • All high-end equipment
  • A fully equipped and lighted workspace for each student
  • All materials and products available free of charge during your training
  • A two-zone sterilization room (the material used during the training will be sterilized beforehand or will be disposable)
  • Models for your practice (in most training)
  • Work in small groups (about 8 students)
  • And an incomparable atmosphere!

The Podo-Logic Training Center is an institutional member authorized by the Society for Training and Continuing Education (SOFEDUC*) to issue Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

*Definition of continuing education unit (UEC-SOFEDUC)
“One CEU corresponds to 10 hours of participation in a structured training activity, organized and led by an approved organization, led by competent trainers and sanctioned by an evaluation.”
Source: SOFEDUC Quality Standards Manual, 2009, p.6