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Balzame PD6

SKU BA1006

This PD.6 cosmetic gel , containing sage and peppermint , normalizes and neutralizes excessive perspiration , deodorizes, prevents and eliminates the inconveniences of sweating.

Sage, being a powerful natural antibiotic, prevents unwanted bacterial growth between the toes , which is where irritation (athlete's foot) and unwanted odors come from. In symbiosis with peppermint, PD.6 provides your hot and wet feet with an immediate and long-lasting cooling effect. Inconvenient odors are repressed.

A daily use morning and evening ensures good health of your feet.

  • Normalizes and neutralizes excessive perspiration, deodorizes, prevents and eliminates the disadvantages of hyperhidrosis.
  • Complete penetration without leaving traces.
  • Relieves, relaxes and refreshes.
  • Prevents unwanted bacterial growth.

Available in 75ml format.

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