Podological Cream

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Available in 75ml format.

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For overworked feet and stressed skin.
Prevents sores and blisters caused by walking.

GEHWOL PODOLOGICAL CREAM from Gerlach prevents itching, chafing sores, blisters caused by walking, abrasions and bruised feet.
It treats inflammations, prevents mycoses of the foot and reduces the activity of the glands to a normal level. The cream eliminates odors and other side effects of excessive foot sweating.
GEHWOL PODOLOGICAL CREAM strengthens the skin and makes it resistant. Amputation stumps are protected in the same way as overworked and tired hands.
In addition, the podiatric cream protects against frostbite and cold feet.
GEHWOL PODOLOGICAL CREAM from Gerlach has been around since 1882 and the proven basis is continuously updated according to the latest developments and scientific research.
GEHWOL PODOLOGICAL CREAM by Gerlach has been successfully applied millions of times in the care of overworked feet.

Dermatologically tested.

Also suitable for diabetics.

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