Apolium patient chair

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Made in France, Apolium is the first care chair created for and by foot care specialists. The result of extensive observation by foot care professionals, Apolium is designed to adapt perfectly to your practice.

The ergonomic study carried out on this chair has made it possible to design the ideal shape for a natural positioning of the patient's comfort and to promote the serene practice of your profession. Its innovative design facilitates the accessibility of the chair with a minimum height of 51cm and invites your patients to relax during the treatment.

For even more safety and hygiene, the particular design of Apolium goes beyond current standards, following medical regulations: zero pinching, safety sensor, no risk of tipping...

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  • Form studied to be the ideal of the natural positioning of comfort of the human body, which reduces to the maximum the pressures on the level of the contact surfaces;
  • Sleek design that easily integrates into your environment;
  • Seamless upholstery, seamless and easy to clean;
  • Easy accessibility for people with reduced mobility, from the front or the side;
  • Very high stability whatever the position.


  • Bodyshape* two-layer shape memory upholstery invites the patient to relax;
  • Intuitive wireless pedal allowing smooth and adapted movements;
  • Personalized programming of your two favorite positions accessible in 1 click;
  • Backup battery (optional) and accessory trough (optional);
  • Optimum maintenance comfort ensured by the accessibility of all exposed parts, fireproof and antibacterial M1 upholstery and suitable protective accessories.


  • Low position up to 51cm, high position up to 154cm;
  • Functional separate legrests, adjustable in depth (+ 20cm) and in width;
  • First completely safe podiatry chair without pinch zone with safety sensor;
  • Ergonomic controls: elevation control by intuitive wireless pedal and easy adjustment of the legrests.

*Bodyshape: No patient repositioning during elevation.

Net weight: 99kg

Gross weight: 120kg

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