Fusskraft Hydrolipidic Lotion

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Available in 125ml and 500ml format with pump.

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Intensive care that fixes hydration.

There GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT hydrolipidic lotion spreads easily to provide daily care for dry skin on the feet and legs. It penetrates quickly to better rebalance lipid and hydration deficiencies. The natural protective barrier of the skin is therefore rebalanced. The presence of active ingredients such as urea and glycerin fix hydration in the deepest layers of the epidermis, which softens calluses and reduces their pronounced regeneration. Avocado and jojoba oils provide dry skin with missing lipids. Ceramides are compounds that play an essential role in skin protection. They reinforce the outer layer, which acts as a barrier to protect it from drying out. Extreme skin peeling is reduced. The daily application of GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT hydrolipidic lotion protects the feet against odor and mycosis.

Without perfume. Dermatologically tested.

Also suitable for diabetics.

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