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Smart Heating Insoles


Say goodbye to cold feet!

The Warm Series smart heating insoles are the first insoles that will allow you to keep your feet warm. This innovative product has been designed for the comfort and health of your patients.

These insoles have been designed to offer the best to the feet: more comfort, more support, better shock absorption and more hygiene. They will perfectly follow the curves of the feet, which will maximize performance.

  • Preheat the soles to 45°C
  • Comfortable and ultralight
  • 100% safe and easily rechargeable battery
  • Dedicated app (compatible with Android and iOS)
  • Activity tracking: distance traveled, number of steps, calories burned...

An application dedicated to the analysis of the activity

The Warm Series app, available on iOS and Android, connects the heated insoles to your patient's phone via Bluetooth. The dedicated application allows you to control the temperature inside the shoe to the nearest degree, between 20°C and 45°C. It is also possible to track daily activity thanks to the integrated sensors.

High performance Brainux microprocessor

The Brainux microprocessor integrated in the sole represents the most advanced technology ever developed in the footwear industry and allows a very precise analysis of activities.

Heating insoles designed for everyone

Simply connect the insoles to the phone, choose the temperature and enjoy daily activities during cold seasons! They are also suitable for workers working in a cold environment: construction, warehouse, security, etc. Warm Series heated insoles can also relieve people with blood circulation disorders or Raynaud's disease. They are recommended by the American Association of Raynaud's disease.

An integrated thermostat for smart heating

The built-in thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature inside the shoes, degree by degree. They can also automatically regulate the temperature according to the environment. Thanks to the smart mode, the heated insoles detect activity and automatically adapt the heating. If the user remains inactive, the soles will stop heating. To activate them again, just move your feet and the heating resumes.