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Available in 15ml or 30ml format.

For yellowed and damaged nails.

The Top Chrono is a natural product that was designed in the laboratory by a pharmacist in collaboration with podiatrists.

Top Chrono is probably the best-selling product and certainly the best known and recommended by foot care professionals, not by chance, but because it is truly effective.

It is often copied, never equalled. (African proverb: who imitates a lion does not become a lion, he is a monkey)

Its effectiveness is remarkable and visible in more or less 15 days. The product works in 2 stages:

1) stimulation of nail growth by the effect of olive, sweet almond and jojoba oils

2) stops the progression of fungi by the action of essential oils of tea tree, palma rosa and lavender, dosed just enough. (a wrong dosage could irritate the skin)

Result visible in 15 days on the nail matrix in 80% of cases.

12 + 1 free (freebies are automatically added to your order) 15 ml or 30 ml

How to use: 1 drop on each nail morning and evening. Treatment can take 4 to 10 months.

Treatment should not be interrupted under penalty of relapse.

Customer Reviews

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Christiane Houde
produit très efficace

Ce produit est très efficace et populaire avec la clientele agée.

Micheline Dompierre

J'aime mieux le plus huileux

François Hamel

Très efficace! J’adore

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